Prospect Host - Managed Hosting

Secure and reliable hosting for WordPress websites.

Our Managed Update Service means your site is always up to date and secure while our support team is on always hand.




We actively manage our servers to ensure they are secure and each site has the space, bandwidth and resources it needs to run smoothly.

We can provide various levels of security certificates (SSL) as required.

Keeping WordPress updated is essential, but with several core updates a year and plugins updating all the time it can be hard to keep on top of the admin.

With our WordPress Update Service the core application and all plugins are updated as new versions are released with a roll-back service in case of any problems, meaning you never have to worry about updating WordPress again.

How do we know our servers are reliable? We run 24/7 uptime monitoring on all sites to ensure they are available.

The monitoring also flags any security or access issues with WordPress, by receiving prompt alerts our support team can respond quickly to any issues. 

Even with reliable servers and managed WordPress updates there is sometimes a need to roll back to a previously saved version.

Our RAID disks means there’s a copy of your site to hand with an off-site copy in case of total disaster. We can supply local backups for additional peace of mind.

Sorting out problems with domain names can be frustrating, time consuming and expensive, so the  best approach is to set up the registration properly at the outset.

We can register new domains or help manage your existing ones as required.